Kenda Premium Stone Villas

Akoya Oxygen

Payment Plan 90/10 Payment Plan
Handover Q4-2021
Bedroom 3 &4
Sizes 1707-1821 Sqft
On Launch Starting Price :AED 1.15 Million

Damac Kenda Stone Villas Akoya Oxygen

Situated in Akoya Oxygen, Kenda Villas has 3 to 4 bedroom premium stone villas starting from AED 1.15 Million with the attractive payment plan payable over five years.

With the combination of the modern and historical artistry designs, Kenda villas offer magnificent homes that are not only durable but also strong, stylish and functional.

Made from stone, these villas are naturally warm in winter and cooler in summer. Therefore villas are energy efficient and practical that makes it eco-friendly as well.

With spacious 3BHK and 4BHK residences, these villas are perfect for any family size. The stunning flats are built with large windows, dining rooms, separate living rooms, modern kitchen, balcony and a private garden.

Kenda villas are perfectly situated within the green community of Akoya oxygen that allows its residents to access the world-class amenities and functions of the opulent neighborhood.

To feel relaxed, creative and reflect, all the family members will have space to call their own. Traditional living rooms encourage family time - having meals together in the dining hall, watching a movie in the living room and playing together in the play area or garden.

Here you get completely furnished villas with fully furnished kitchens, furnished rooms, and all the luxury services that you have been dreaming of. These stunning residences represent the perfect solutions for all persons, those who lead a busy life.

Feature & Amenities

Kenda Villas gives the required privacy amongst guardians and their youngsters while keeping up a feeling of living respectively under one rooftop. Aside from quietness, these homes have world-class amenities & facilities at the project and in community level as well. Residents of these villas will discover endless sporting and recreational activities around the scene.

Facilities of Kenda Villas

  • Spacious 3 and 4 bedroom villas
  • Private yard
  • Separate living/dining area and kitchen
  • Access to the world-class amenities of AKOYA Oxygen
  • Villas have single entrance and two separate units
  • Only 20 minutes away from downtown

Payment Plan

Kenda Premium Stone Villas at Victoria Payment Plan

1st INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 90 Days Of Sale Date
2nd INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 180 Days Of Sale Date
3rd INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 270 Days Of Sale Date
4th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 360 Days Of Sale Date
5th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 450 Days Of Sale Date
6th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 540 Days Of Sale Date
7th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 630 Days Of Sale Date
8th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 720 Days Of Sale Date
9th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 810 Days Of Sale Date
10th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 900 Days Of Sale Date
11th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 990 Days Of Sale Date
12th INSTALLMENT7.5%Within 1080 Days Of Sale Date

Location Map / Master Plan

Kenda Premium Stone Villas Location Map

Location Map

Kenda Premium Stone Villas Master Map

Master Plan

Floor Plan

Type Bedroom  Size Floor Plan
R4-EE 4 1820 Sqft View Floor Plan  
R4-EM 4 1820 Sqft View Floor Plan  
R4-M 4 1782 Sqft View Floor Plan  
RN-EE 3 1743 Sqft View Floor Plan  
RN-EM 3 1743 Sqft View Floor Plan  
RN-M 3 1707 Sqft View Floor Plan