Akoya Oxygen Clusters

Akoya Oxygen Avencia 2 Cluster

Damac master planned Avencia 2 Cluster in Dubai’s most desired destination Akoya Oxygen which offers plots, luxury villas and townhouses. Villa types R4A-EE, R4A-EM, R4T-EE, RC-EM, RC-M, RRT-EE, RRT-EM, in a tranquil peace of living amidst greenery and seclusion. It gives investors the chance to buy a plot of land, sizes available upto 2474.4 or independent and semi-detached luxury villas and townhouses in different sizes from 1732 SQFT to 2143 SQFT within the master-development; prices starting from AED 1,246,000 with unique and special payment plan options. Avencia 2 Cluster is just 25 minutes far from the centre of the city next to the Umm Suqeim Expressway, carefully designed master plan and road network system, with dedicated spaces for world-class amenities.

Availability in Avencia 2 Cluster
VillaUnitAreaPlot AreaStarting PricePayment PlanFloor Plan
R4A-EE4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT1502.96AED  1,468,000ViewView
R4A-EE4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT1505.23AED  1,468,000ViewView
R4A-EE4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT2186.36AED  1,666,000ViewView
R4A-EE4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT2474.4AED  1,666,000ViewView
R4A-EM4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT1802.3AED  1,323,000ViewView
R4A-EM4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT2257.84AED  1,521,000ViewView
R4A-EM4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT2336.84AED  1,521,000ViewView
R4T-EE4  Bedrooms1820  SQFT2088.51AED  1,666,000ViewView
RC-EM3  Bedrooms2143  SQFT1834.39AED  1,450,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1178AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1194.03AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1197.38AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1200.5AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1207.5AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1208.14AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1208.25AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1208.56AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1208.68AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1220.63AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1241.94AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1268.96AED  1,300,000ViewView
RC-M3  Bedrooms2099  SQFT1272.28AED  1,300,000ViewView
RRT-EE3  Bedrooms1732  SQFT1493.81AED  1,422,000ViewView
RRT-EE3  Bedrooms1732  SQFT1502.52AED  1,422,000ViewView
RRT-EE3  Bedrooms1732  SQFT1505.23AED  1,422,000ViewView
RRT-EM3  Bedrooms1732  SQFT1802.3AED  1,246,000ViewView
RRT-EM3  Bedrooms1732  SQFT1855.58AED  1,246,000ViewView
RRT-EM3  Bedrooms1732  SQFT1870AED  1,246,000ViewView
Projects in Avencia 2 Cluster